Empoche 0.4.2 - Manage your tasks with Kanban

Empoche 0.4.2 - Manage your tasks with Kanban

Kanban makes managing tasks and project flows easier by visualizing workflows and processes.

Kanban mode

We just released Empoche 0.4.2 with the first version of the new Kanban mode. You can drag and drop the tasks between the different statuses and easily see what you or your team is working on.

This is the first iteration of an progressing Kanban system. Let us know if you want any other features for the Kanban mode you would like to see. For example currently there is no limit to the amount of work in progress, should there be one?

Kanban benefits

Kanban enables you to keep the overview even over larger projects and by such improving their delivery time. As you can't set everything to work in progress, you are forced to set clear priorities and focus on tasks that are more important.

Other changes

Empoche 0.4.2 fixes some bugs in the project management view, removes the first start popup in the web application and updates the icon font to a newer version.

Download Empoche 0.4.2 now or check the full changelog.