Empoche Changelog and Versions

Empoche 0.4.5

Released 08/09/2020

Special thanks to the translaters, especially Miznov Emoto and Yang Bin!

+ Add Japanase language (Thank you to Miznov Emoto)
+ Add simplified chinese (Work in progress, Thank you Yang Bin)
# Minor fixes and improvements
# Dependency updates

Empoche 0.4.4

Released 06/25/2020

Special thanks to all the testers and Anton Shvein for your feedback.

+ [WS] Message handler
# Improve tracked applications chart (e.g. only show top 10 with More button to view all)
# Stop tracking when marking task as done
# Remember the last used task view
# Fix tracking status icon
# Better tracking on Windows (less unnamed apps, UTF-8 errors..)

Empoche 0.4.3

Released 06/09/2020

Special thank you to all the Product Hunt testers and Utkarsh Apoorva for your feedback.

+ Little helper menu in task editing popup
# Usability Improvements (just the beginning)
# Better error messages for forbidden attachments 
# ...

Empoche 0.4.2

Released 06/05/2020
Special thanks to Victor Ponamariov and Andrey Kucherenko for testing.

+ Kanban mode (First version, tell us what you think)
# Usability Improvements
# Minor fixes 
# Hide first start dialog (in web app)
# Less colors (for new accounts) for the charts

Empoche 0.4.0

Released on 05/28/2020
Special thanks to Guido de Gobbis for testing.

Major update, changing most of the User-Interface, bringing tons of new features and views. Better timetracking, new charts and a lot of wishes we received from you.

+ Major Redesign and UX overhaul
+ Productivity Widgets (Dashboard next)
+ Customize Charts and Reports
+ Project insights
+ Time Tracking and Activity View per Task
+ Insights for Time Tracking per Project
+ Learn which applications you used most for your task
+ Track multiple Tasks
+ Manually add tracked time for a task and reset the existing one
+ Better File Upload
+ New Theme selector (Choose which colors you prefer for the left and top menu)
+ New Settings menu
+ Improved responsiveness on Mobile
+ Productivity Preview and Demo
+ Improved Error Handling
# Translation improvements

and tons of other fixes, improvements and changes!

Breaking Changes:

  • Dark mode was removed for this version.
  • Older tracking results (before last week) won't show up in the task's stats (but in the productivity view)

Empoche 0.3.3

Released on 05/13/2020
Special thanks to Guido de Gobbis and Pedro Henrique Nogueira for your feedback!

# Even more UX and Design improvements
# Improved Check-List focus and handling (hit Enter to add a new one)
+ Autofocus on multiple elements to save some clicks
+ Notifications from team member changes are now clickable to get directly to the task or project (Create and Edit)
+ Project pre-selection for tasks when you have an active project filter

Empoche 0.3.2

Released on 05/12/2020

Special thanks to Guido de Gobbis and Christopher Wagner for your tests and feedback!

# Fix count for tags, when no task status filter is selected
# Fix displaying reports in the web app
# Fixes on team leaving, joining and editing
# Fixed some bugs with recurring tasks. (Missing due date, errors when none set etc.)
# Improved Login and registration validation
# Faster initial loading
# Design and Layout fixes
+ Better support for multiple sessions and team simultaneous collaboration, auto refresh and more.
+ Better error rendering
+ Edit Icon on editable fields
+ Improve MarkDown Editor (Translations, Exit it and more) 
+ Check for Updates from GUI
+ Translation of confirmation dialogs
+ Improved automated update checking.
+ Wording and Naming fixes

Empoche 0.3.1

Released on 05/09/2020

Special thanks to Guido de Gobbis for your tests and feedback!

# Productivity date filtering is now respecting users date settings
# Improved task creation and editing overview
# Toast notifications stay on top and lower auto-hide time (5 seconds)
# TimeZone issues in the task overview (Tasks in the Next Seven Days)
+ Tag ordering (drag and drop) in the task edit
+ Reset Filter Button
+ Confirmation dialog, before closing tasks or projects with unsaved changes
+ Help Translating Empoche Menu Entry
+ Arch Linux package (see AUR)

Empoche 0.3.0

Released on 05/03/2020

# Minor fixes in tracking, tags and tasks
+ Team and Collaboration support
+ Notifications and Toast messages
+ Update News
+ Report Bugs and Feedback in the App
+ Using software catalog for software identification, you can help extending it.
+ github.com/empoche/app-catalog

Empoche 0.2.1 (Public Beta)

Released on 04/06/2020

# Fixed an bug with tag creation
# Show API version when you hover over the app version
+ macOS Notarization and Signing 

Empoche 0.2.0 (Public Beta)

Released on 03/28/2020

Breaking change: As the application tracking has been completely reworked, your old stats from before this beta version are removed. If you still want to review them, download the 0.1.9 / 0.1.10 version.

# Fixed an issue with error reports
# Update dependencies
+ Display how much time you spent on a task (in the edit task view)
+ Completely reworked application tracking, allowing various new upcoming functions
+ Improved performance, accuracy and local storage

Empoche 0.1.10 (Public Beta)

# Fix unicode charset erros on Microsoft Windows 
+ Categorize more applications

Empoche 0.1.9 (Public Beta)

# Fix time tracking in the snap application
# Fixes in links
# Fix Recurring tasks when the task is before today
+ GitHub Login
+ Welcome Emails for sign ups over Google, FaceBook or GitHub

Empoche 0.1.8 (Public Beta)

# CSS Improvements
# Better responivness of the web application
+ Task Favorites
+ Hide "Get Premium) for Beta

Empoche 0.1.7 (Beta)

+ Password reset
+ Social login (Facebook and Google)
+ Registration through the app
+ RPM package for RedHat / CentOS, Fedora and Suse
+ Deb package for Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint
+ Language selection on Login
# Improved Error renderer (including refresh link)
# Fix settings synchronization
# Fix token errors (race condition)

Empoche 0.1.6 (Beta)

+ French language (Thank you Sandra Decoux!)
+ More Shortcuts
+ Integrated Help
+ Settings
+ Activity Overview
+ Resizable menus
+ Stats caching