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Empoche Support & Help

Official Linux cross-distribution packages

If unsure use the snap package. Snaps are automatically updated and work across most Linux distributions.

sha256: 5d7b277077a40e667154f53e8603b99e44f35776545140454ac68f602ca2454f
sudo snap install empoche
sha256: 9d23bb20718d1302150ac4af1010b14a37e9978a3b39505b22fff5db871bf55c

Other distribution-specific Linux packages

dpkg -i empoche_0.4.1_amd64.deb
sha256: 7ac8b267bb39e1ac83b6a6cedd7258890efd5543e3ea8b6fc10748b29d419347
rpm -i empoche-0.4.1.x86_64.rpm
sha256: 5b3bac0f3c73b124f78da4165d5696af365a6524a7c8fdb621424d7cf0535476
makepgk -si
# or use your favorite ArchLinux AUR helper
yay -S empoche

Official macOS packages

Supported on macOS 10.13.2 and later.

Open the dmg file and drag Empoche to your applications.
sha256: 12466ee523e2099a6481a145eec53843417e000120f5a8a987441404c5053ef2
brew cask install empoche

Official Windows packages

Supported on Windows 10 and later.

Double click on Empoche+Setup+0.4.1.exe to start the installation. You can safely ignore any security messages, as Empoche is a quite new application Windows Defender might warn that it is unknown.
sha256: 81e522c16676b63497162749db5f324c35e64ef4c2900a14140b5ae5f685c3de

Mobile App

Currently Empoche only works on Desktop Computers. But you can use the Empoche web application to access your projects and tasks from your mobile device.