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Empoche Support & Help

Official Linux cross-distribution packages

If unsure use the snap package. Snaps are automatically updated and work across most Linux distributions.

sha256: 93c58824023f24ad8680a9699dbc727fc94b911982cf118f1467f44cc0790171
sudo snap install empoche

Other distribution-specific Linux packages

dpkg -i empoche_0.4.5_amd64.deb
sha256: cfa8f052d3087657c24fcf52eb03f40bafa0ce941c387ab3284bf57fbc46a63c
rpm -i empoche-0.4.5.x86_64.rpm
sha256: 905c5588f6f9e33389b91838e49f7dc49013792de7f4353230d3fb71367d26e7
makepgk -si
# or use your favorite ArchLinux AUR helper
yay -S empoche

Official macOS packages

Supported on macOS 10.13.2 and later.

Open the dmg file and drag Empoche to your applications.
sha256: 279ff5211ea53e53e28590810adb126780b47baaadf7307ffdd31680fc9c189a
brew cask install empoche

Official Windows packages

Supported on Windows 10 and later.

Double click on Empoche+Setup+0.4.5.exe to start the installation. You can safely ignore any Windows Defender security messages, as Empoche is a new application Windows Defender might warn you that it is unknown.

sha256: 7b14df4cfa192ffcdcf601083e1b7fe9b9739203cf674d9d168fbc1102201a6b
choco install empoche

Mobile App

Currently Empoche only works on Desktop Computers. But you can use the Empoche web application to access your projects and tasks from your mobile device.