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Empoche combines automatic time-tracking with task and project management.
Learn where your time goes, where you loose it and how to improve your productivity!

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Empoche App - Task and Project Management with automatic time tracking
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Where does your time go?

Empoche helps you understanding how you spent time on your computer. Which applications you use, which tasks and projects take time. Everything is automatically categorized and you can easily review your efficiency.

Application Time Tracking works across Linux, macOS and Windows. For mobile task and project management you can also use the web app.

Empoche helps you to understand where your time goes
Empoche helps you to understand where your time goes

" If you can dream it, you can do it.

Never lose track of important tasks or projects again. Empoche offers multiple views to organize your tasks and projects. Starting with the integrated calendar, over project views, to upcoming tasks in the next seven days.

Your can add check-lists, links, attachments, comments and more to your tasks. Recurring tasks are directly supported and help you building good habits.

Prioritize tasks and projects, add custom tags and sort them with drag and drop, so you'll always know what's coming up next.

Be Productive

Empoche values your time and is designed from ground up for efficiency and not to take additional time from you.

Tracking is automated out of the box, no cluttering, no manual setting of applications, quickly see where your time goes.

Tasks and Project setup takes seconds, not minutes. Manage schedules, tasks and projects with drag & drop and organize your time in no time.

Empoche helps you to understand where your time goes

Empoche works
on all operating systems.

Linux | macOS | Windows | Mobile

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