Frequently Asked Questions

How is Empoche distributed?

The Linux, Windows and MacOs application can be found in the download area. For mobile devices you can use the web application to manage your tasks and projects. Later this year a dedicated mobile app is planned. We are also working on browser extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome, to keep track of the time you spend on websites.

How do I get beta access?

Public Beta is now open. Just download the Empoche and set up your account in the app. We are looking forward to hear your feedback and ideas!

Do you share any tracked application data with 3rd parties?

We take your privacy serious and you can always pause tracking and add certain apps and websites to the black-list. We don't share any non-anonymized application data with any 3rd party. See the privacy policy for more information.

When is feature X going to be added?

Check the Roadmap for currenlty planned changes. If you are missing a feature, use the suggestion form.

Which features are going to become premium ones?

During the Beta of Empoche all features are enabled and all basic features are going to remain free. As we don't want to earn money of your data, we prefer a low cost subscription model with some premium features after the Beta. (Subject to change, we also want to hear your feedback on this).

How much is premium going to cost?

It's going to be a low amount, just to fund further development and infrastructure costs. The basic version is going to be free, but we don't want to earn money of your data, so we prefer a subscription model for premium features.

Do you have premium discounts for government organizations or academic institutions?

Yes, please send us the details at contact@empoche.com

Do you have discounts for Open Source Projects or Not For Profit organizations?

Not only discounts, Empoche Premium and Teams is free for Open Source Projects and (accredited) not for profil organizations. Please send us the details at contact@empoche.com

Are there any applicable taxes?

Empoche is an german-based company, so we need to collect VAT from all european based customers.