Empoche Development Roadmap

Proposed features and ideas for Empoche. If you are missing one, please let us know.

Public Beta

Help testing Empoche and provide feedback.


Initial stable release (Q2 / Q3 2020)

Open issues before 1.0.0
  • Bugfixes and polishing
  • UI updates (new modern design)
  • Improved user experience (UX)
  • More notifications in app and emails (reminder, team notifications)
  • Improved privacy mode
  • Dashboard and Productivity widgets and more interactive statistics.
  • Improved error handling and nicer toasts
  • Update directly from the APP menu (currently updates take place after restart of Empoche)

Planned features without any target release

  • More granular notification settings (e.g. controlling when you want a notification before an task is overdue etc.) (2020)

  • Drag & drop support in the calendar (2020)

  • Gamification - Keep yourself motivated and gain points when completing tasks, checklist items and projects. (~2020)

  • Check-List templates (~2020)

  • Project due dates, more focus on the project progress (if you want) (~2020)

  • 3rd party Plugin support, for even more customization through you and other developers. (~2020 - 2021)

  • Dedicated Mobile apps (meanwhile use the website / progressive web app)

  • Time tracking for customers and billing them on time spent on their projects / tasks

  • Machine learning for better analysis of your time spent and tips on how to improve

  • More themes, corporate branding, ways to include your own themes (It's only CSS)

  • Custom Statistics and reports

  • (Free)BSD support (You can already use the web app and the python daemon for time tracking, but Electron is currently having issues on FreeBSD)