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Be productive.
Be focused.
Don't procrastinate.

Empoche is all about time control. Plan your tasks and projects. Learn where you get distracted and discover ways to improve.

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Safe, Secure and Free

We never access application content

We only track the executable names and in some cases window-names of your foreground (focused) applications and not what you are doing in them. After we identified them locally even this is deleted and only the application name is stored. We don't know which book you are reading in your favorite reader app, which Word document you are editing or to whom you are talking to in your chat app.

Hosted in the EU

We don't sell your personal data or share it with third party companies. It's stored encrypted on servers in the European Union. Every project or task you create in Empoche is private by default, the same goes for any file you attach, any time tracking etc.

Free forever

The basic version of Empoche is going to be free for ever, including the last 120 days of tracking history (Tasks, Projects.. are stored forever as long as you don't delete them). We are providing premium plans for historical data access and some additional features.

Task Management for Teams

Share your time tracking with your team

Project Management

Share your time tracking with your team