Empoche 0.2.0 Beta released

Empoche 0.2.0 Beta released

We just released Empoche 0.2.0 bringing improved and more accurate application tracking, various fixes and other improvements.

Please note: As the application tracking has been completely reworked, your old stats from before this beta version are no longer shown.
If you want to review them keep the 0.1.10 version, next to 0.2.0.

# Fixed an issue with error reports
# Update dependencies
+ Display how much time you spent on a task (in the edit task view)
+ Completely reworked application tracking, allowing various new upcoming functions
+ Improved performance, accuracy and local storage

Thank you Tobias Zulauf for your testing and feedback.

We are waiting eagerly for your feedack and your ideas. Please let us know what you think!