Empoche 0.3.0 with Team Support

Empoche 0.3.0 with Team Support

Work together on projects with Empoche's new team and collaboration support.

Share your projects with your team, so you can work on completing tasks together. You can assign team members to tasks, you and your team members can share comments, attachments and tags.

We are waiting eagerly for your feedback and your ideas. Please let us know what you think!

Please note: As we changed the API for teams, older clients no longer show tags. Please update the client.

Complete Changelog for Empoche 0.3.0

# Minor fixes in tracking, tags and tasks
+ Team and Collaboration support
+ Notifications and Toast messages
+ Update News
+ Report Bugs and Feedback in the App
+ Using software catalog for software identification, you can help extending it.
+ github.com/empoche/app-catalog