Empoche 0.4.0 - All things new

Empoche 0.4.0 - All things new

Everything new and shiny would be an understatement.

This probably has been the largest release since Empoche Beta started. Empoche 0.4.0 brings tons of new features, a completely reworked user interface and hundreds of changes.

Thank you to all testers and people who provided feedback during the last months. And we are not done yet, if you find any issues or looking for a feature, please let us know! Download the latest release and TEST, TEST, TEST!

New Interface

The first thing you are going to notice is the revamped user interface. The main goal is bringing more customization options, an easier overview and less clutter.

New UI for Empoche

Even more customization options

To feel even more home in Empoche, we extended the theme options. You can customize Empoche even further, by choosing the colors for the left menu and window bar. You can choose between four fonts (Quicksand, Source Sans, Open Sans and Varela Round) and set the Icon Style (Round or Squared or None).

Customize the Empoche Look and Feel

Improved Task Management

The Task creation and edit dialog now comes with two new tabs, one for the time tracking and one for the task activity log. The main task for basic task information and settings, like due date, description, comments has also been reworked. You can now easier set task durations, upload multiple attachments with drag and drop or enjoy the improved comment rendering.

Task Creation dialog

In the time tracking tab, you can review the time you spent on the task. If the task is shared with a team you can also see team time tracking statistics there. You can now manually add time to the task or reset your statistics for it.

Time tracking and most used applications

Improved Productivity View

Improved Productivity overview and more time evaluations

We reworked the productivity evaluation completely. It's now offering zoomable and downloadable charts, more details and widgets. Widgets allow you to completely customize the view yourself. You can choose between ten different chart types (more to come soon), change their sizes (small 1/3, middle 1/2 and large 1/1) and use drag and drop to order them the way you want.

Select a custom chart yourself

Many, many other things

There are so many other changes and improvements, this post could be at least ten times as long. I didn't even talk about the reworked views, the new collapsable filters on the right side or the new Project Insights view. The left menu bar is collapsed by default now and opens on hover. The task filter options, like the project filter, are now located on the right side and so on.

Maybe in a second part in the coming days, but now please go ahead and download the latest version and make sure to send us some feedback!

Task Overview