Troubleshooting Empoche

Troubleshooting Empoche
Squashing the bugs

Troubleshooting Empoche

Application Tracking is not working.

Empoche currently supports application tracking (active application's title) on Windows, Linux with Xorg (See Wayland below for more information) and macOS.

The active window detection module is Open Source and hosted on GitHub by us.

The application tracking is inaccurate

On macOS idle detection is not working correctly, we are working on a fix.

Application is detected as uncategorized

We manually categorize your software. Any new unknown software you use is anonymously reported to us and we are adding it to the application database asap. Btw. you can help extending the database, it's Open Source and hosted on GitHub.

Linux and Wayland Tracking

Wayland has the aim of replacing Xorg with a modern and simpler sytem. For compatibility with Xorg it's using xwayland, which is working fine with Empoche. For native wayland applications, like the Gnome Terminal, we currently can't track the time, as _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW is not returning the window information on most window managers.

On Wayland it is the job of the wayland compositor to implement functionality like getting the active window, for example Mutter (the compositor of Gnome), implements it over gdbus. Sway on the other hand is offering an ipc call with swaymsg. As Empoche is triggering active window queries often to get accurate results (Once per second by default), these options are too slow and heavyweight to implement. Because of that we currently can't support Wayland completely, you can either live with missing applications or switch to the Xorg version of your window manager (For example i3 instead of sway or Gnome on Xorg instead of Gnome).

The active window tracking is Open Source and you can help further developing it on GitHub.

We are here to help, if your question is not answered contact us any time.